• About OPEN

    OPEN is a dyptical exhibition in which the gallery space is devoted to use by the architecture students of Syracuse University and the materials are primarily viewed on this website, which was created for the exhibition.

    For this exhibit we wanted to show our process, including our intentions, and show especially the myriad linkages and connections to the kinds of background information that lead us to certain decisions – research of the cultures of a place, its politics, and economics, all of which we thoroughly investigate to inform our design strategies.

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  • Some of Our Favorite Musicians
  • First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates the National Design Awards
  • IMC Octave: Client /Collaborator
  • Some of Our Favorite Books
  • Wangduecholing Palace to be Restored
  • Sagaponac House
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  • Shu Uemura
    Case Sketches
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    Reviving Craft
  • Calvin Tsao
  • Zack McKown
  • Suntec City
    The Straits Times: Let’s Party Like It’s 1999
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    Architectural Record: Making Extra-Large The Right Fit
  • Some of Our Favorite Fashion Designers
  • Article
    NY Times Style Magazine: Case History
  • Xiqu Urban Development
  • Suntec City
    A City in a Hand by Jenny Lam
  • Jianfu Palace Museum
    The Palace of Established Happiness: Restoring a Garden in the Forbidden City
  • Article
    Vanity Fair: 37 Ways of Looking at a Hampton
  • Our Favorite Movies
  • Jianfu Palace Museum
  • Cultivating the Next Crop of Farmers
  • Bhutan Elder Sangha Sanctuary
  • Analyzing China’s Development
  • PS 19
    Furniture and Lighting
  • Article
    Metropolis Magazine: A Forbidden Garden Restored
  • Bhutan Elder Sangha Sanctuary
    Project Site
  • Jianfu Palace Museum
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    Designing for Learning
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