IMC Octave: Client /Collaborator

IMC Octave was founded as a platform to explore the serious challenges we face as a society in the 21st century: the new realities of urban and rural life, the endless consumption of elective commodities, and the spiritual and cultural void that has resulted from those changes. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives, through the built environment, with meaningful experiences that provide the tools for individuals to cope with the consequences of our new modernity, to elevate their overall quality of life.

With roots in Asia, Fred Tsao, Chairman of IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, along with his brother, Calvin Tsao, Principal of Tsao & McKown Architects, saw an opportunity to challenge the norm in China as the country confronts a critical juncture in its course of development. China’s long-term stability is not just an issue for the nation; it is a global challenge. The brothers’ partnership that led to the founding of Octave and that spans across continents brings together design, design-thinking, politics, culture, and economics, creating a synergy that guides Octave’s approach to the research and development of new models for 21st century living.

Through a tripartite venture with non-profits, businesses and government bodies, we are exploring initiatives in sustainability, health and wellness, learning, arts, agriculture, and new models of consumerism. These initiatives serve as the foundation of the holistic communities we seek to create.

The collaboration between Tsao & McKown and Octave, in a hybrid designer-developer relationship, allows us to integrate our initiatives into the built environment. This partnership draws on the expertise of teams with a variety of perspectives; teams that can exchange ideas and share resources on how to embed our ideas of community and lifestyle into the fabric of society.